Nearby Tour Attractions

  • Povungu Wang-lei (the LUO historical site) where the great luo brothers (Gipir and Labongo) bitterly separated. This is just 1 KM to the cottages in Pakwach town, West Nile region.
  • Chief / Rwoth Omach Monument, the first traditional Chief/ King who welcomed the Missionaries in West Nile region. Monument located in Paroketho Pakech Palace (gang Kaal), just 5KM to Pakwach town, West Nile region.
  • Murchison falls National Game Park is Just 17 KM to the cottages in Pakwach Town, West Nile region.
  • World Total Solar Eclipse Monument built for the eclipse that occurred on 3rd of November 2013 at Owiny Primary School, Pakwach District, West Nile Region. Is just 6 KM to the cottages.
  • ‘’Nyamuliya’’ Hot Springs located in Panyimur, is only just about 26 KM.
  • Pacer Art Crafts, the most innovative young men and women in the country when it comes to making arts and crafts (stools, chairs, birds, cars, harps (Adungus), xylophone (Ndaara), etc plus among others.
  • Of course not forgetting the first and best ever constructed Bridge, River Nile Bridge Pakwach/Pakwach East, 1969 (Pakwach bridge) Pakwach Uganda.